Alex Whitaker


Puppet Master 1, Puppet Master 2 (mentioned only)


Paul Le Mat


Alive (in a mental asylum), Deceased (throat slashed by Blade in the Eternity Comics. These are not canon with the movies)

Alex Whitaker is one of the primary protagonists in the first Puppet Master film. He is also seen to be a psychic, being able to have premonitions in the form of dreams. Along with Dana Hadley, Carissa Stamford, and Frank Forrester, Neil Gallagher is a former colleague of his and they all meet up at the Bodega Bay Inn. He is portrayed by American actor Paul Le Mat.

Puppet Master I

Alex first appears in Puppet Master. He is seen sleeping in his office of Yale University, and begins to have a nightmare of leeches being on his body, only to awaken and find there is nothing there.

His most recurring nightmare in the film is Megan Gallagher having a gun being put to her head by Neil. He also has a vision of the other psychics being found dead.

He is also the only psychic to live through the whole entire film, and also one of the two main characters to live (along with Megan.)

Puppet Master II

He is later one of the reasons for the parapsychologists visiting Bodega Bay Inn in Puppet Master II. He is mentioned at the beginning of the film being locked up in an asylum for suspection of murdering Megan Gallagher (who had her brain extracted through her nose.), and also suffered terrible seizures and premonitions.


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