Andre Toulon's Hotel Room
Andre Toulon's room


Puppet Master, The Legacy (Archive footage), Axis of Evil


Bodega Bay Inn, California

Filming Location

California (Puppet Master), Guangzhou, China (Axis of Evil)

Andre Toulon's Hotel Room is a room in the Bodega Bay Inn hotel that Andre Toulon stayed in when he escaped to America during the second World War. The room is decorated with many puppet marionettes, posters and Egyptian artifacts. There is also a secret hiding place that he had made in the wall that only he and Danny Coogan, a disabled carpenter who worked at the hotel knew about. In this room Toulon listens to music and is peaceful with his puppets, he would even let Blade roam around the hotel. Toulon had supplies and his wife Elsa Toulon's dress sent to him while he was living at the hotel from his friends in Berlin. He also stayed in contact with his friend Peter Hertz by writing to him from this room. When two Nazi spies Max and Klaus track down Toulon they go to his room to assassinate him, but Toulon knew they were coming and was warned by two of his puppets (Blade and an Oriental Puppet) and hid all of his living puppets in their trunk in the secret hiding place. He then put a revolver to his mouth and committed suicide. The two Nazis broke down his door but they were too late. They tore the place apart but could not find the puppets so they left. Danny Coogan heard the gunshots and entered the room to see if Toulon was alright but he found Toulon's corpse. Toulon was buried at the Shady Oaks Cemetery which was located in the backyard of the hotel and Danny took the puppets out of the hiding place and took them home on an adventure. The room remained a crime scene and everything was left exactly how it was when Toulon died.

It is unknown how the puppets returned but many years later (roughly the late 80's) an evil man named Neil Gallagher and a psychic Frank Forrester had been studying ancient Egyptian magic, Andre Toulon and the Nazis and he had found evidence that Toulon had living puppets and discovered the secret of life and tracked him to the hotel. Neil met the owners of the hotel and their daughter Megan and he won over her heart by making false promises that he would invest his time and money into making the hotel better, and they married. This gave Neil access to the hotel and he hired a wrecking crew to demolish each room one by one so he could find the puppets and the secrets of Toulon. When he finally found the right room he shut himself off in the room spending hours a day studying it. During this time he murdered Megan's parents to use as his experiments. He then called Frank and the other psychic team (Dana Hadley, Carlissa Stamford and Alex Whitaker) to the hotel and bought Toulon's puppets to life and ordered them to kill the psychics. He was worried they would tap into the fact he had learnt Toulon's secrets and didn't want them to steal it from him. He shot himself in the head and commanded the puppets to resurrect him after they had killed them all.