Toulon's Laboratory


Puppet Master 2, Toulon's Revenge (archive footage), Curse (archive footage), The Legacy (archive footage)


Bodega Bay Inn, California

Toulon's Laboratory was a makeshift lab in the attic at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel that Andre Toulon had created after the puppets had resurrected him from the dead. The lab was completely made out of wood and lit with candles. Toulon had built special passageways for his puppets to gain access to the room without being seen. Toulon also decorated the room with various marionettes and posters, including a poster from the 1912 Cairo Faust show.

During this time Toulon was a soulless, confused creature and conducted all kinds of strange experiments. It was in this laboratory that he had created and conceived the Torch puppet. It would seem that Torch was bought to life by a different method than the other puppets. Toulon chanted a strange spell which made the room light up in flames before Torch came to life. His other experiments were a soul transference in which he hoped to transfer himself into a mannequin's body. To make this possible he needed human brains so he sent his puppets on a killing spree to bring him the ingredients.

When Toulon met Carolyn Bramwell a parapsychologist who was working in the hotel, his damaged, decomposed brain thought that she was his beloved wife Elsa Toulon reincarnated and kidnapped her so that he could transfer her soul into a mannequin and they could live forever. He first conducted the experiment on himself by slitting his throat and bleeding into the mannequin's mouth which made him reborn in the new body. He started to squeal like a pig because the puppets were not able to find enough human victims so they settled for farm animals. The puppets realize that Toulon's corruption has gone too far so Torch put an end to it by burning him to death.


  • Puppt Master 2
  • Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (Archive footage)
  • Curse of the Puppet Master (Archive footage)
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)


  • Although Six-Shooter didn't appear until the next movie, there is a head on Toulon's desk that uses the same sculpt as his. Fans have theorized that it was Six-Shooter being rebuilt.
  • Mr. Punch from the 1987 movie Dolls was also in the room on top of a shelf.
  • The set was decorated with parts of dolls from David Allen's studio, one of them is from the unreleased Pulse Pounders (1988) movie.