Andre Toulon's Tape


The Legacy

The tape is a voice recording cassette that Andre Toulon had recorded and left for Peter Hertz to find. This is an audio version of his journal and it tells about the story of his life and how he became the owner of the Egyptian after-life spell and bringing his puppets to life, all in Toulon's own voice. Peter Hertz finds the tape and plays it to Maclain an assassin that is trying to find the secret of releasing the trapped souls from the puppets so their souls can finally die as she believes that being puppets is torture for them. It is unknown when Toulon recorded these tapes but he seems to talk about events that happened long after his death. The most logical time would have been when he was in the Decapitron form staying at Rick Myers house.


  • The secret of reanimation was not safe, my enemies wanted it and would do anything, including kidnap my fiance to get it. But there was noway I was going to let her get hurt because of me. And thank God.. or the Devil.. my little friends felt the same way.
  • After what the Nazis did, I was blinded with rage. Elsa was gone and the only thing that kept me alive was the desire to spill their blood, make them suffer like I suffered.
  • Rick Myers was a bright young man, a scientist, the only one who discovered my secret and wasn't twisted by it. But there were other forces at work, forces we could never have had imagined.
  • There was always someone waiting to discover my secret, even after my supposed death, always someone who didn't have the knowledge to fully understand what a gift or a curse the formula for the puppets really is.
  • Fate always steps in, in the form of those who think brute strength is a match for braveness. All my puppets, they all always avenge on against their protectors.
  • The power killed my enemies, not the puppets. My experiments continued and so do my wooden creations, but their secret is not for the timid, they have the ability to live forever, and you can live through them if you have the will and desire to do it. If you let no one stand in your way and devote your life to their existence, you can be a puppet master and ultimate power is yours.


  • Andre Toulon says some of the names of the characters wrong on the tape, he identifies Rick Myers as Pete Gordon and his wife Elsa as Maria. This could have been done to help keep their identity a secret or an error or copy right reason from the film makers. 


  • Puppet Master: The Legacy