Antoinette Longpre


Axis Termination


Daniele Romer


Deceased (Killed by Weremacht)

Antoinette Longpre was one of France's most renowned psychics and also a scholar in the occult. She was kidnapped and taken to California to a secret hideout in 1942 that was ran by Doktor Gerde Ernst and a special unit of the Gestapo that exploited people with extraordinarily abilities to help them win the war. Antoinette's first job was reading the mind of General Kip Hansard and tracing down the location of Danny Coogan and his girlfriend Beth so that the Nazis could kill them and steal Andre Toulon's puppets from them. Although Danny and Beth were killed, the plan still failed as Captain Brooks arrived just in time to kill the Nazi and take the puppets to the American military. Her second job was to locate Dr. Freuhoffer, so that Gerde could kill him and steal his puppets from him, which she did successfully.

Her third job was to trace Dr. Ivan, who was now in possession of Toulon's puppets, but she was unable to as their hideout hidden with the help of an Elder Sign. She did eventually locate their hideout when she read the mind of Corporal Saunders, who was a courier for the military that was delivering documents to Ivan's hideout. After finding Ivan's location, Gerde kidnapped his daughter Elisa and left a note asking him to hand over himself, the puppets and the Elixir for her freedom. During Elisa's capture she told Antoinette to read her dreams, as she was having dreams about the fate of the war and events to come. Towards the end Antoinette lied to the Nazis and told them she could not trace the location of Brooks and Ivan, even though they had just entered their hideout. After Gerde realized she had been lied to she saw no further use for Antoinette and ordered Weremacht to maul her to death.


  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination