Action Lab Comics (Offering)


Deceased (Head crushed by Pinhead)

Barry was a young man who was obsessed by Andre Toulon and knew the story of him and his puppets by reading pages on the internet. He invited a group of his friends to go and stay in the Bodega Bay Inn house after it had long been abandoned. Barry's shoe laces were tied by Jester which caused him to fall over and get humiliated in front of his friends, he then told his friends that he has saw a living puppet do this to him, but none of them believed him so he ran into another room of the hotel, in that room he saw one of his friend's corpse being dragged away by Pinhead, then Leech Woman threw a leech at his face causing him to fall down, Pinhead then crushed his body with a table and then killed him by breaking his skull.

Appearances Edit

  • Action Lab Comics (Offering)