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Berlin, Germany

Filming Location

Universal Studios Backlot, Hollywood, California (Old Europe & Spartacus Square)

Berlin is the capital city of Germany. Berlin saw the rise of the Nazi empire during the second World War. During this time Andre Toulon lived there with his wife Elsa Toulon and since they both disagreed with the Nazi movement they would put on shows that would poke fun at Adolf Hitler. Four of Toulon's friends were all murdered by the Nazis, Hans Seiderman was one of them, a jolly bookkeeper who was shot for taking his jokes too far, another Herman Strauss a truck driver with a good heart who was executed for smuggling food to the Jewish ghettos. Toulon put the souls of his friends into new bodies, four puppets he built with secret weapons, Jester, Pinhead, Six-Shooter and Tunneler. When Lt. Eric Stein saw one of Toulon's shows that mocked his leader he got very angry and spied on Toulon, when he found out his puppets were alive he had Major Kraus arrest him and kill his wife. Dr. Hess a Nazi butcher was the leader of the Deathcorp Project which was an experiment to revive fallen soldiers, and put them back into the battlefield, Kraus needed Toulon's secret to help them advance further. A young boy called Peter Hertz also lived in Berlin with his mother and father. He was a fan of Toulon's puppet show. His mother was arrested for being Polish as the Nazis claimed she was a spy, and so it forced Peter and his father into hiding.

When Toulon escaped the Nazis and started to use his puppets to kill the ones responsible for his wife's death, he met Peter and his father and they hid together. Peter's father turned Toulon in for exchange of freedom for this wife. Toulon killed Kraus, slowly and painfully at the Gestapo Headquarters and he and Peter escaped Berlin to never return again. When Toulon arrived at Bodega Bay Inn, in the United States, he had some of his supplies sent to him by a friend who still lived in Berlin, he also had one of Elsa's favorite dresses sent. Nazis traced Toulon to Bodega Bay Inn possibly because of this.


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  • There was a flashback scene that took place in Berlin in the Puppet Master 2 script, but Charles Band decided to save it for the 3rd movie.
  • The location was filmed at the Universal Studios Backlot where films such as Frankenstein (1931) were filmed.
  • The original filming location for this movie was at Bucharest, Romania but the country had recently become a democracy and so the location was changed to California.