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Blitzkreig is a tank puppet and one of four Nazi puppets built by Dr. Freuhoffer. Blitzkreig was bought to life using Tunneler's serum that he removed to help the Nazis kill General Porter. The other three puppets were Bombshell, Kamikaze, and Weremecht. Blitzkreig has two weapons, the first is two machine-gun hands and the other is the power to electrocute victims on touch, he uses this on Pinhead during a battle.

Physical appearance Edit

Blitzkreig has a metal robot-like body with gun turrets for each arms. He has glowing red eyes and his mouth shape is similar to gas mask. He wears a German Stahlhelm helmet on his head with an iron cross symbol on the side.

The lower portion of his body resembles a black Panzer tank on tracks. The tank body is decorated in Nazi symbols and a flag sticking out the back.

Axis Rising & Axis Termination Edit

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Action Lab ComicsEdit


Blitzkreig was seen in a Nazi collector's shelf along with Kamikaze, Bombshell, Ninja, Weremacht, Tank and Freak with no explanation of how they got there other than the man has been obsessed with tracking down all of the puppets that were once alive to put in glass cases.


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  • Blitzkrieg looks like Torch, and Tank if they where combined, He was possibly designed after them.
  • Shane Bitterling, the writer of the movie said that in the script there was a big strong soldier who would later become the soul of Blitzkreig, but was cut from the script due to time. The soldier that Tunneler kills in the beginning is played by a rugby player so he is the best candinate for his soul.
  • Tom Devlin stated that in the story he is not made out of metal but rather experimental plastic.
  • The effects artist that created Blitzkreig used a Blade head painted dark silver for the base of the head.
  • He wears the helmet from Doll Graveyard and has the face of Blade painted silver, though that is only how the prop was built for the movie and not part of the movie's mythos.