List of books

  • Full Moon Art Collection
  • It Came from the Video Asile!

List of Magazines

  • Gorezone #21
  • Fangoria #83, , #105 #129, #133, #192
  • Scream #2
  • Cinefantastique #21.5
  • HorrorHound #38
All of the different books that have something to do with the Puppet Master movies.

Full Moon Art Collection

Full Moon Features: The Art Collection book is a book that contained art work from the Full Moon movies, and included a large Puppet Master franchise section. It was released for Halloween, 2016.

It Came from the Video Aisle! Inside Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment Studio

A book written by author David Jay which is about Full Moon studio, and a lot of inside information into the Puppet Master movies and a few rare photos.


Magazines that include Puppet Master articles