Puppet Master 2, Toulon's Revenge (mentioned), Retro, The Legacy (archive footage)


Cairo, Egypt

Filming Location

California (Puppet Master 2), Bucharest, Romania (Retro)

Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and has a very important role in the Puppet Master franchise.

Many centuries ago a select few Egyptian men who studied magic were given the power to give life to inanimate figurines. Afzel, a sorcerer stole this secret of life from Sutekh's tomb. In Egyptian mythology, the God of the afterlife is Osiris but his evil brother Set or better known as Sutekh, the God of disorder, storm and violence murdered him, it could be the case that Afzel was a follower of Osiris and wanted to get it out of the hands of evil. Afzel steals a scroll containing the secret from the tomb and kills two wizards who try and stop him, but he was much more powerful than them.

Sutekh resurrected three mummies back from the dead to track down and kill Afzel. Afzel would later escape to Paris, France during 1902 and give Andre Toulon the magic.

In the year 1912, Andre Toulon and his wife Elsa Toulon did a world tour of puppet shows, they went to Cairo, Egypt where they put on the show Faust with his stringless puppet Mephistopheles. It was during this time that Toulon purchased a dress for Elsa which quickly became her favorite dress. Toulon's puppet theater was burnt down by a strange wizard, who then sold Toulon the secrets of his Homunculus creature which were a more refined version of the magic he had learnt from Afzel.


  • Puppet Master 2 (Dream)
  • Puppet Master 3: Toulon's Revenge (Mentioned)
  • Retro Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)
  • Eternity Comics


  • In the unmade Puppet Wars trilogy, Egypt has a major role.