Camille Kenney


Puppet Master 2, The Legacy (archive footage)


Nita Talbot


Deceased (killed by Pinhead, resurrected as a mannequin), soul placed into Dr. Jenn's puppet (Action Lab Comics)


Miss. Camille & Dr. Jenn's puppet

Camille Kenney is one of the characters found in the film Puppet Master II. Like Lance, Patrick, Wanda, and Carolyn, Camille is also a parapsychologist. She is not seen in a majority in the film due to her being kidnapped by Jester and Pinhead, but she does make an appearance at the end in the mannequin body of Elsa. Camille is portrayed by American actress Nita Talbot.

Puppet Master II

Camille's first appearance in the film is shown when she pulls up to Martha and Mathew's house looking for directions to Bodega Bay Inn . Despite the protests from Martha to not go to the Inn, she leaves anyways, and is the last of the parapsychologists to arrive.

Camille is also said to be eccentric and pretty gifted in her skills by Carolyn. Out of all the parapsychologists, Camille does not seem to get along with Patrick the most (Although Wanda is shown at the beginning to not want Camille around, but this isn't brought up anymore.) as Patrick ridicules her over an article that she wrote about aliens in the Inquiring Planet.

The next day Camille runs down the stairs, claiming that she saw two dolls in her room, and that one had a knife when see sees Carolyn and Patrick, but when they all go upstairs the dolls are gone, and the only dolls there are two little ragdolls sitting under the window. After that, the parapsychologists don't believe Camille about seeing the dolls.

Camille tells them that she feels they are all in danger as long as they stay at the Inn and she decides that she is leaving tonight, and suggests that they all do the same. However, when she goes to pack her stuff, she is attacked and kidnapped by Jester and Pinhead.

Camille's disappearance prompts her son, Michael Kenney, to go to the Inn looking for her since all of her belongings and her car still remain at the Inn. Camille isn't shown for the rest of the film until near the end when Michael sees her inside of a dumbwaiter after he is trying to fight off Blade, along with Jester who has slashed Camille's throat.

Jester then takes the last remaining goblet of the serum that Andre Toulon had tricked them into creating down to Camille, whose soul is then put inside of the puppet version of Elsa.

At the end of the film, Camille, now inside of the Elsa mannequin, is driving the puppets to the Bouldeston Institution for Mentally Troubled Tots and Teens to do a show.

This makes it seems that Camille/Elsa is now the new Puppet Master, however this turns out to be false, since chronologically Puppet Master 4 comes after Puppet Master II, which would make Rick Myers the new Puppet Master after the evil version of Andre Toulon. Her fate is unknown what happen to her.