Carol Doreski
Itune purchase (9)


Puppet Master, The Littlest Reich


Barbara Crampton, Grace Montie


Deceased (Throat slit by a skull Blade puppet)

Carol Doreski is a retired police officer that helped track down and kill Andre Toulon (The Littles Reich timeline) in 1989. More info soon.

Puppet Master (Woman at the carnival)

A woman visits a carnival with her boyfriend in 1989 and has her fortune told by Dana Hadley. Dana detects that the woman's boyfriend will become a rich construction worker that will build a shopping mall and that they will have two children, she also detects that the man's grandmother will die soon. After this Dana begins to see her own future and sees Blade's knife slashing at her, which causes her to become distressed and grab at her throat. The woman and her boyfriend then begin to feel concerned and ask if Dana is alright.


  • Puppet Master (A woman at a carnival)
  • Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich



  • Barbara Crampton had also played a character in the original Puppet Master movie. She had a cameo as a woman at Dana Hadley's palm reading store at the Carnival.