Axis of Evil, Axis Rising, Axis Termination (mentioned)


Los Angeles, Califnronia

Filming Location

Guangzhou, China (Axis of Evil), California (Axis Rising)

Chinatown, Los Angeles is an Asian community and market place that events from two of the movies in the Puppet Master franchise take place in.

During World War 2, Danny Coogan lived above a Chinese restaurant in a small poverty apartment with his mother Elma Coogan and big brother Don Coogan. Don promised his mother that after he was done fighting in the war he would get enough money to get them out of Chinatown.

There were two locations in Chinatown that were operated by undercover Nazis and Japanese soldiers. The first location is the Chinese Opera House the second is Freuhoffer's Lab.


  • Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising
  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination (Mentioned)