Chinese man


Axis Rising


Glenn Zhang


Deceased (killed by Commandant Heinrich Moebius)



The Chinese Man is a Chinese citizen in Chinatown, Los Angeles, California during the second World War. When Dr. Freuhoffer needs a test subject for his Resurrection Device, Commandant Heinrich Moebius orders one of his Nazi guards to kidnap a person from the streets of Chinatown to be used. Moebius slices the man's throat and Dr. Freuhoffer puts his corpse into the device. The device doesn't work and it melts the victim's corpse. Dr. Freuhoffer uses the man's soul in the Kamikaze puppet that he made. Since Kamikaze had the soul of a victim, he never used his self-destruct powers for evil and used it only to get revenge on Moebius, blowing up the lab.

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  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising

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