Coogan Residence


Axis of Evil, Axis Rising


Chinatown, Los Angeles, California

Filming Location

Guangzhou, China (Axis of Evil), California (Axis Rising)

The Coogan Residence is the house in Los Angeles, California during the second World War that Danny Coogan and his mother Elma Coogan and his big brother Don Coogan live. In Axis of Evil, the house is a small apartment in Chinatown, but on the sequel Axis Rising, it's a regular house in a regular neighborhood. It is unknown if these are supposed to be the same house or if it's a mistake. Don and Elma were shot dead by the Nazi Klaus at this house and Sgt. Stone and Beth stay with Danny there. This is also the house where Ninja was first bought to life.


  • Puppet Master: Axis of Evil
  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising