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Corey was a young man who along with his friends, went to the Bodega Bay Inn. Like his friend, Barry, Corey seemed to have some knowledge of Andre Toulon and the hotel. When strange events begin to emerge in the hotel, Corey along with Sarah begin to search all around the house. Their friends were being killed off by Toulon's puppets. With his girlfriend, Beth learning that Corey is their puppet master and masterminded the killings. He reveals to Beth that he inherited his mother's stomach cancer, who he tried to pass off as mere indigestion. He believed that he would leave a doll in the old Inn that Toulon's puppets would cure him of his cancer. In order to do so however, Corey used them to kill his friends and even attempted to do so to Beth. However they end up betraying Corey when Jester reveals to his friends that she left a doll too. That in turn saved her life and they spared her. So, Blade ends up slicing open Corey's stomach. Beth pleads with Toulon in the body of Decapitron to place Corey's soul in the doll she left. Since then out of revenge, Beth began mutilating the doll body, Corey's soul was placed in.

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  • Action Lab Comics (Offering)