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Cyclops is The one-eyed puppet that was made 1902 and he serves as the puppets' lookout for the others. He's one of the Retro Puppets.

Physical appearanceEdit

It's a cyclops that about the size of a puppet and it wears a military green shirt and pants and black boots, also he can be seen using a telescope when he's on look out duty.


Cyclops was originally a rod puppet created by Andre Toulon in Paris, France during the early 1900's. The puppet was to be used for a famous puppet show about six damned mortals who are trapped in Hell. Latour, a one-eyed French puppeteer did the voice for him on stage. When the Egyptian sorcerer Afzel passed the secret of life onto Toulon, he was pursued by three of Sutekh's Mummy Servants who wanted to steal it back from him. They killed all of Toulon's friends and he avenged them by putting their souls into the puppets and bringing them to life. Cyclops helped Toulon in fighting the mummies and building signs of protection to ward them off.

Many years later, during the second World War, Blade found Cyclops's severed head in the puppet trunk. The head was badly damaged and had a huge scar across it. It is unknown how he was destroyed.


Trivia Edit

  • Cyclops was written in Kenneth J Hall's original script for the first Puppet Master movie but never made into the final film.

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