Deathcorp Zombies
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Toulon's Revenge


John Cann, Michael Todd


Deceased (shot by Major Kraus), Suicide

The first of the re-animated corpses by Dr. Hess. He was once a soldier that was killed in battle by the Russians and bought into be revived using the Deathcorp Project. When he was resurrected he was dangerous and tried to kill Dr. Hess and Major Kraus but Kraus manages to shoot him.

The second of the re-animated corpses by Dr. Hess. He was once a German soldier that committed suicide and his corpse was bought in to be revived using Andre Toulon's Elixir.  When he was resurrected he resorted back to his before death behavior and tried to shoot himself again, he then fell on the floor and died again.

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Trivia Edit

  • Actor Michael Todd who played the second zombie also played the Toulon Mannequin in Puppet Master II.
  • The scene where Dr. Hess is working on the first subject was much more gory, but they toned it down.

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