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Professor Emil Freuhoffer is the scientist  with a fixation on dolls who was kidnapped from his native land of Austria by The Nazi Commandant Heinrich Moebius and forced to work on the "resurrection machineand working for Moebius to develop a machine that can reanimate the dead. The seductive Uschi a Nazi, tries to motivate the doctor only to be interrupted by Moebius. He demands a demonstration of the machine. He brings in a Chinese man and slits his throat. The machine makes him walk for a moment only for him to decay and fall down.

Freuhoffer promises to fix the machine. Moebius reminds him that if he doesn't, his daughter will be killed. Moebius presents him with Tunneler to study. He begins to reverse engineer Tunneler, after the Nazis captured it. In the hopes that he may prove useful for the German war machine. Freuhoffer is examining Tunneler when Uschi enters and tries to again seduce him. Moebius enters and in a rage shoots Uschi through the head. Freuhoffer tries using the fluid he extracted from Tunneler in his machine to revive Uschi but it fails. Moebius proceeds to have the scientist under his command. He created 4 Nazi Puppets: Bombshell Weremacht Blitzkreig and Kamikaze. Freuhoffer tells Kamikaze to detonate, destroying the lab and Moebius. After the fight was over, he leaves with a bottle of the puppets' fluid.

Appearances Edit

  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising
  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination (Mentioned)

Gallery Edit

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