Frank Forrester


Puppet Master, Puppet Master 2 (mentioned)


Matt Roe


Deceased (killed by Leech Woman)

Frank Forrester is a member of the Pensa Research Inc with his girlfriend Carlissa Stamford. He uses his psychic powers to read people's thoughts. He and his girlfriend use bizarre sexual tatics to be able to get in touch with past events. He and his girlfriend were part of the group of psychics (Alex Whitaker and Dana Hadley) lead by Neil Gallagher to try and uncover Andre Toulon's secrets. Neil bought him to Bodega Bay Inn to be ambushed and murdered by Toulon's puppets so that he wouldn't get ahold of it for himself. Leech Woman spits leeches onto his body which suck all the blood out of his body, killing him.

Appearances Edit

  • Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master II (Mentioned)
  • Eternity Comics

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