Gayer-Anderson Cat


Puppet Master, Axis of Evil

The Gayer-Anderson Cat is a statue of a cat made out of bronze, from the Late Period, about 664–332 BC. The sculpture is known as the Gayer-Anderson cat after Major Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson, the man who discovered it in Cairo, Egypt. He donated the statue to the British Musuem. The statue is a representation of the cat-goddess Bastet. The cat wears jewellery and a protective wedjat amulet. A winged scarab appears on the chest and head, it is 42 cm high and 13 cm wide.

Andre Toulon has a smaller version of it in his puppet trunk, though it has never been revealed in the story how or why he has it and why he was concerned about hiding it from the Nazis. It is possible that he got it in Cairo, Egypt while he was doing his Faust puppet show in 1912 or from the events of the unmade Puppet Wars trilogy. Danny Coogan had the cat in his bedroom when he took the puppets home.


  • Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master: Axis of Evil