General Porter


Axis Rising


Paul Thomas Arnold



General Porter is the American military general during World War 2. He is Commandant Heinrich Moebius's nemesis and once he found out the Nazis have arrived in California he went into hiding. He arranged a secret meeting with Major Collins, Beth and Danny Coogan to give them an award for killing Max and Klaus, the two Nazis that planned to blow up Mr. Gifford's weapon factory. Moebius planned to use Dr. Freuhoffer's Nazi puppets to assassinate and kill him but Danny rescued his life. He awarded Danny with a place in the military (despite being disabled) and gave him a medal of bravery.

In Puppet Master: Axis Termination, General Kip Hansard mentions that the Nazi puppets killed an American general. It is possible that it was Porter.

Appearances Edit

  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising