Axis Termination, Decadent Evil, Decadent Evil 2, Evil Bong, Ravenwolf Towers


Phil Fondacaro, Ricardo Gil, George Appleby



Ivan is a vampire hunter and a professor of Egyptology and the occult. He became Andre Toulon's puppets new master shortly after Danny Coogan's death in 1941.

Puppet Master: Axis Termination Edit

Information needed.

Decadent Evil Edit

Ivan sets out on a deadly mission to kill a group of vampires.

Decadent Evil 2 Edit

After Ivan fails to stop a new group of vampires, he ends up becoming one himself.

Evil Bong Edit

Ivan is one of the victim's that are trapped within the Bong World.

Ravenwolf Towers Edit

Ivan is one of the guests staying at the Ravenwolf Towers hotel.


Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ivan is a character that has appeared in multiple FullMoon movies.

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