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Kamikaze is a Japanese puppet that Dr. Freuhoffer had created. Since his soul was an innocent person, he detonates, killing himself along with Commandant Heinrich Moebius and also destroys the Resurrection Machine.

Physical appearance

Kamikaze looks like a racist version of a 1940's Japanese pilot. His skin is yellow and his mouth is open revealing rotten teeth. He has small black slit eyes with a pair of glasses over them. He wears a pilot hat with a bandanna over the top with the Japanese flag on it.

He wears a light orange boiler suit with large clock attached to his chest. He wears knee high brown boots and black gloves on both hands. In his right hand is a trigger that is attached a wire that leads to two sticks of dynamite that is on his back.

Puppet Master: Axis Rising

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Action Lab Comics


Kamikaze was seen in a Nazi collector's shelf along with Ninja, Bombshell, Blitzkreig, Weremacht, Tank and Freak with no explanation of how they got there other than the man has been obsessed with tracking down all of the puppets that were once alive to put in glass cases.




  • He along side Mutant and Six-Shooter are the only puppets that have a human voice. However Kamikaze seems to only speak Japanese.
  • Even though he is a Japanese puppet, he was built by Germans and has a soul of a Chinese man.
  • Effects artist Christopher Bergschneider used real WW2 propaganda art as inspiration for Kamikaze's face.
  • He was speaking real insults in Japanese language.