Lady Bug


Vs. Demonic Toys

The Lady Bugs are two small insect shaped spy cameras that Erica Sharpe had created. When Robert Toulon applied for a job at Sharpe Toys Industries he was given a small toy from Erica, the founder of the company. Erica wanted Andre Toulon's puppets because her Demonic Toys were not loyal enough. She used the spy camera to watch Robert and Alexandra Toulon through a monitor and wait patiently until they both find the secret which brings Toulon's puppets to life.

When Robert brings them to life, Blade and Pinhead point at the camera to warn Robert. When Robert picks it up it aborts it's purpose and explodes in flames. Robert found it strange that it was in his workshop because he had put the toy in the garbage several times but it kept coming back. Alexandra discovered the mini camera inside it with a code on the side, she used her computer hacking skills to gain access to Sharpe Toys website and found information on the spy camera, but unauthorized access to this website made the laptop explode. Erica and her assistant Julian had another spy camera delivered to Robert's house.


  • Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys