Possibly deceased (killed by Sutekh's mummies)


Claudiu Trandafir

The Leader is the head of the guards that work at the Swiss Embassy in Paris, France during 1902. He was assigned to watch over the Swiss Ambassador's daughter Elsa and follow her out at night. When he saw her go into the Theatre Magique to talk to Andre Toulon he broke into the theater with his guards and took Andre and Elsa back to the embassy, there he insulted Toulon and beat him up and left him out in the cold snow. Elsa hated him and called him "watch dog". He may have been killed by Sutekh's Mummy Servants when they invaded the embassy.

Appearances Edit

  • Retro Puppet Master

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the European release of the movie there is a longer scene of the 'leader' mocking Toulon and beating him up on two occasions.

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