Puppet Master 2, The Legacy (archive footage), Action Lab Comics (Retro Now & Curtain Call)

The Mannequins are two life-like, life-size figurines that Andre Toulon had built when he had migrated to America at the Bodega Bay Inn hotel during the second World War. The mannequins were designed to look like himself and his wife Elsa. After Toulon killed himself, his hotel room became a crime scene and everything was left intact for decades. Many years later when the puppets resurrect Toulon, as a confused monster, he has a sinister plan to transfer his and a beautiful young parapsychologist's spirit nto the mannequin's bodies so that they can live forever.

Toulon was successful in transferring his soul into the mannequin body but during that time he had turned insane and that insanity increased when he discovered that the puppets had harvested animals brains for the serum so that when he was placed into the new body it had bad side effects. After the puppets realized Toulon had turned too evil they attacked him and Torch eventually burnt him alive, which caused him to fall out of the window and destroy the mannequin. The puppets then transferred the soul of Camille Kenney (a psychic women that they had murdered previously) into the body of Elsa's mannequin, and she too turned insane and lead the puppets to the Boulderstone Institute to cause terror.

There was also a cult community known as Peterstown, where the citizens would share a common goal of dying and being reborn in the form of a mannequin. Six of the citizens known as the Elite Guards were successful in doing this and were reborn in 6 foot mannequins of Toulon's puppets.