Vs. Demonic Toys


Velizar Binev



Mayor Woodley was the mayor of Los Angeles, California during 2004. Woodley gives Erica Sharpe an award at her Sharpe Toys Industries company during a ceremony on Christmas Eve for her kindness in giving away so many Christmas Pals to children across the country for free. Woodley is in denial when he is warned by Robert Toulon about Erica working with demons and the toys being dangerous. Woodley is last seen asking the police force to detain Robert and also suggesting to Erica to make Valentine's Day themed toys.


Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

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Trivia Edit

  • The actor who plays him (Velizar Binev) has done many Scyfy Channel movies.
  • The actor who plays him is Bulgarian so he had to be dubbed with an American accent.

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