Mrs. Ivanov


Axis Termination (mentioned)



Mrs. Ivanov is the wife of Dr. Ivan Ivanov and the mother of Elisa Ivanov. It is not known what her full name is but she was captured by Doktor Gerde Ernst and the Gestapo during one of her husband's lectures in Russia, because they found out she had psychic abilities and they wanted to harness those powers to help them win the war by being able to predict each move of their enemy and read the mind's of their enemy's leader.

During her capture she began to support the Third Reich's movement and willingly assisted them, but she did not know that they were just using her. Elisa and Ivan never saw her again after her capture, and they did not even have a photograph of her to remember her by. It is unknown what happened to her after the war had ended.


  • Puppet Master: Axis Termination (Mentioned)