Paranormal Research Division


Puppet Master 2

The Paranormal Research Division is a team funded by the state of California to investigate mysterious crimes that the police are unable to solve and may involve super natural forces. The team consists of four members Carolyn Bramwell, the team leader, her brother Patrick Bramwell a photographer, and Wanda and Lance who are equipment technicians. The four of them investigate the Bodega Bay Inn hotel after Megan Gallagher, the owner is found dead with her brain extracted out of her nose, as well as the disappearance of a group of psychics who were staying there and Alex Whitaker, who is locked in a psychiatric hospital and having schizophrenic rants about Andre Toulon and killer puppets.

The team set up cameras around the hotel to take it in turns monitoring them in the night to see if they can capture any paranormal evidence to backup Alex's claims.All of the team members are slain by the puppets with exception of Carolyn who makes it out alive and gives her statements about the puppets and Toulon's resurrection to the police.


  • Puppet Master 2