Toulon's Revenge, The Legacy (archive footage)


Berlin, Germany

Filming Location

Hollywood, California

The Pharmacy is an old abandoned medical store in Berlin, Germany during the second World War. After Major Kraus kills Andre Toulon's wife Elsa and the Nazis arrest him, he escapes with the puppets to hide in an old pharmacy. He sneaks into the Morgue with Jester and Pinhead and kill the employees, and take some of his deceased wife's blood back to the pharmacy so that he can put her soul into the body of doll he had made in her likeness. When he brings the doll to life, he feeds it medical leeches that are on shelves in the pharmacy, creating Leech Woman. As the Nazis move in closer, Toulon leaves the pharmacy to seek a new hiding place at the Ruins. Major Kraus and the other Nazis enter the pharmacy and see traces left behind by Toulon. Kraus shoots and kills all the jars of leeches as revenge for Toulon using Leech Woman to kill Lt. Eric Stein.


  • Puppet Master 3: Toulon's Revenge
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)