Pi Kappa Sig


Action Lab Comics (Halloween 1988)


California, United States

Pi Kappa Sig(ma) is an all female college fraternity house that a group of girls live in California. Neil Gallagher had gone there on Halloween night in 1988, shortly after discovering Andre Toulon's secret hiding place and finding the puppets. Neil had disguised himself as a bystander whose car had broken down near by and was invited in by four girls (Vee, Laura, Kristen and Alice). He then commanded the puppets to kill each person in the house one by one so he could observe their skills.

Leech Woman had killed Alice, while Blade had killed Vee, Kristen was killed by Pinhead and Kahn killed Laura. Tunneler had also killed Skip who was Laura's boyfriend who came to take her to a Halloween party. Neil had plans to use the corpses as his test subjects but he was disappointed by the way the puppets handled the situation and decided not to use them and instead dissected Kahn to use for his own immortality.


  • Action Lab Comics (Halloween 1988)