Resurrection Device


Axis Rising

The Resurrection Device is a machine created by Dr. Freuhoffer while he is being held prisoner by the Nazis during the second World War. The resurrection project is an experiment using occultism to resurrect fallen German soldiers as powerful supreme beings that will rule the world under Commandant Heinrich Moebius's power. Adolf Hitler hated the project idea and refused to allow Moebius to carry it out, which forced Moebius to escape to the United States and hide out at Chinatown in Los Angeles, California and continue the project in secrecy. Freuhoffer experiments with two subjects, first a kidnapped Chinatown resident, he is put into the device but it fails and his body melts. The second subject was Moebius's girlfriend Uschi, who he had previously shot for flirting with the other Nazis. Her corpse did the same thing and melted. Freuhoffer decided to scrap the device and use Tunneler (who Moebius has captured) and extract the fluid from him and use that to create Nazi puppets. The resurrection project is similar to Dr. Hess's Deathcorp Project which was being created in Berlin, Germany around the same time.

Appearances Edit

  • Puppet Master: Axis Rising

Gallery Edit

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