Toulon's Revenge, The Legacy (archive footage)


Berlin, Germany

Filming Location

Hollywood, California

The Ruins were a bombed-out building, most likely an old factory that was destroyed in Berlin, Germany during the second World War. After the death of his wife Elsa and being arrested by the Nazis, Andre Toulon with the help of his puppets kill the soldiers who are holding him prisoner and escape to the ruins. Toulon hides in the building and plans his revenge with the puppets on all the Nazis who contributed to the death of his wife.

Toulon is not alone in the ruins for long as Peter Hertz and his father choose it as their hiding place too when his mother is arrested for espionage. While in the ruins Toulon asks Peter to go out and bring back food for them to eat and supplies for his puppets. Toulon builds Blade, a new puppet based on Major Kraus, the one who pulled the trigger and ended his wive's life. He recycled the head of his old Mephistopheles puppet he used in his Faust shows that was originally a representation of a devil which he thinks fits Kraus's personality perfectly. On a few occasions German soldiers entered the ruins to search for Toulon, but he kept in the shadow and wasn't spotted.

One day when Peter is out getting supplies for Toulon, he is found by Dr. Hess and he leads him to the ruins. Dr. Hess explains to Toulon that he is a traitor to the Nazis and doesn't want to work with them and will help him escape. Meanwhile Hertz made a deal with Kraus to free his wife in exchange for showing where Toulon is. Kraus and the puppets storm the ruins and are attacked by Toulon's puppets. Toulon manages to escape out of the backdoor while Kraus executes Hertz for not following up on his deal.


  • Puppet Master 3: Toulon's Revenge
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)