Sharpe Toys Industries


Vs. Demonic Toys



Filming Location

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sharpe Toys Industries is a huge toy company owned by Erica Sharpe. The company was founded by Mr. Sharpe but when he sold his soul to the demon Bael and passed away, the duty was passed down to Erica.

Sharpe Toys was originally a peaceful company that made toys for children to enjoy, but when Erica took over she used it for evil. She recruited many demon worshipers to work for her and even built an underground torture chamber with devices to sacrifice and drain blood of virgins, and a portal to Hell. Erica decided to make a deal with Bael to get millions of toys to sell to children on Christmas which will all awaken and kill them, Bael accepts as long as Erica can bring her Alexandra Toulon, a relative of Jean Paul Toulon who double crossed him centuries ago so that he can exact his revenge on the Toulon family.

Erica wants to kidnap Alexandra's father Robert Toulon anyway because he has loyal puppets, and her Demonic Toys are out of her control. Erica has the city mayor and the police force on her side and tricks them into thinking she's giving away toys for charity, but really plans to murder people. Robert Toulon and the puppets invade the company and put a stop to it and save Christmas.


  • Puppet Master Vs. Demonic Toys