Prism vending machine sticker


  • Vending machine sticker: 1989
  • Full Moon Streaming promo stickers: 2010's
  • Garbage Pail Kids 'Oh, The Horror-ible! Sticker Cards: 2018

Vending machine sticker

A series of horror related stickers released by the Prism company in vending machines at grocery stores in the late 80's and early 90's. One of them is a scene from the first Puppet Master movie.

Full Moon Streaming promo stickers

These stickers were made to promote the Full Moon Streaming and could be found in Mystery Boxes and also came free with many Full Moon Direct orders.

Garbage Pail Kids 'Oh, The Horror-ible!

In October, 2018 the Topps company released a series of Garbage Pail Kids sticker cards, which contained artwork which spoofed the horror and sci-fi movie genre. One of these cards was called Wade Blade, which was a tribute to an older Garbage Pail Kids character, but this one featured a Blade puppet cutting the fingers off of a puppeteer. His hair was blonde on the card so it may be a reference to how he looked in Toulon's Revenge.