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The devil from puppet master


Sutekh is the evil ancient unholy God of chaos, disaster, deserts, and darkness and the original owner of the ancient secret magic of eternal life that got stolen a wizard named Afzel. Sutekh has 3 slave mummies and 4 Totems. Sutekh placed his own essence inside the fourth, turned it into his avatar, and used it to try and destroy Rick Myers, his friends and the Toulon puppets, but his Totem avatar was eventually destroyed when it tried to escape. Sutekh remained in the Underworld, but is still waiting for his next moment to strike.

Totems from 1993

1st Totem – Drilled by Tunneler

2nd Totem – Electrocuted by lighting after being tied up by 6-Shooter

3rd Totem – Exploded by Decapitron

Dark Totem – Fried to a crisp after the explosion during the battle against Decapitron and got his skull crushed by Rick Myers

Mummy Slaves from 1902

1st Mummy – Thrown out of the train window by young Andre' Toulon

2nd Mummy – Attacked by the Retro-Puppets

3rd Mummy – Chandeliered by Retro-6-Shooter


  • Sutekh is another name for the dark Egyptian God of the desert, Set.


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