Theatre Magique


Retro, The Legacy (archive footage)


Paris, France

Filming Location

Bucharest, Romania

The Theatre Magique was Andre Toulon's puppet theater that he owned as a young man in Paris, France during 1902. Toulon and his fellow entertainers (Vigo, Valentin, Latour and Duval) would put on puppet shows every night and would attract a large crowd. There was always a Beggar outside the front, but Toulon was never sure if he was really homeless or just a con artist so he never invited him in out of the cold. The theater is where many important events occured, it is where Toulon met Afzel and learnt the secret of life, it is where he animated his first puppets, it's where he met his wife-to-be Elsa Toulon and it is where all of his friends were killed by Sutekh's Mummy Servants. After all the trouble that had happened there, Toulon simply abandoned it and escaped to Berlin, Germany for a new life with Elsa, but little does he know that World War 2 will occur and Berlin wont be a such an ideal place.


  • Retro Puppet Master
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)