Puppet Master 4


Puppet Master 4, The Final Chapter, The Legacy (archive footage), Action Lab Comics


Sutekh and his three demon followers




Claws, teeth, magic, draining energy

Totems are the avatars of Sutekh and his minions. They're the demonic warriors that can punish those who try to uncover their world, their secrets and their power.

Sutekh and his followers must cut themselves with a dagger and put their blood into the avatar to bring them into the real world. They are summoned into the real world using a special Ouija Board that has Egyptian markings on it. After the followers have put their blood into the Totem they can take control of it in the real world, but whatever damage is dealt to the Totem is also dealt to them, if the Totem dies they also die.

Totems have sharp teeth and claws, they can also use magical powers to kill their victims, once they have killed someone they can drain the person's energy which gives it to the follower in the underworld. They also have the power to summon a portal back to their world in emergencies.

Physical appearance Edit

Totems are small skinny monsters that are orange in color. Their bodies are covered in different markings and they are covered in spiky thorns. They have very sharp teeth and claws and have a large helmet-like bone that covers their skeletal face. Each Totem has different markings on their body and they also wear loincloths and different jewelry such as bead necklaces or small gems.

Puppet Master IV & V Edit

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Action Lab Comics Edit

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The Totems Edit


  • There was a Full Moon Features movie known as Totem which used very creatures that had the same name but were completely unrelated.
  • The Totems looked more like tribal warriors in Dennis Gordon's original design.

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