Toulon Blood


Vs. Demonic Toys

Toulon Blood is sacred blood from the Toulon family that is used to bring the puppets to life. This is only the case in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys and contradicts the previous movies where the puppets are bought to life with an Egyptian spell. Robert Toulon and his daughter Alexandra were trying to bring the puppets to life and by doing this they would make a small cut on their finger and bleed two drops of blood into some chemicals and inject it into the puppets. Two drops of blood makes the magic last longer, but only one makes them alive for only half a day then they fall asleep again.

Erica Sharpe has a plan of sacrificing Alexandra to Bael, the demon of prophet and wealth and getting pregnant from Robert so that she can have his baby that has his blood and use it similar to a farm animal and harvest its blood to bring puppets to life to serve her. After this plan she would kill Robert too. Her plan never falls through as she fails to bring Alexandra to Bael in time, so Bael takes Erica to Hell with him instead.


  • Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys


  • Even though this movie came out after Puppet Master IV, it was actually written before, which explains why they used Toulon family blood instead of the magic stolen from Sutekh.
  • Some fans believe that after Sutekh was defeated, the formula became property of Andre Toulon.