Toulon Mannequin


Puppet Master 2, The Legacy (archive footage)


Michael Todd, Steve Welles (Voice)


Deceased (burnt by Torch)

Toulon Mannequin is a character in Puppet Master II. He appears briefly at the end of the film after Andre Toulon successfully manages to transfer his soul inside of the mannequin in order to sustain eternal life. The Toulon mannequin appears to move in the same mannerisms as an actual human being. He then attempts to transfer Carolyn Bramwell's soul inside of the Elsa Mannequin, but she spits out the serum and is intervened by Michael Kenney. The Toulon mannequin then threatens to slit Carolyn's throat but gets distracted by Jester who is running away with the last remaining goblet of the serum. He is tripped up by Pinhead and the puppets act on their revenge for Toulon's betrayal, giving Carolyn and Michael the time they need to escape. Blade soon slashes the mannequin's arm and Pinhead smashes his hand with a metal pipe. Ultimately, the Toulon mannequin is killed by Torch, who engulfs it in flames, causing it to fall out of the window. His good parts of soul later transfers in to the puppet Decapitron.


Memorable Quotes

  • "Stay back, you fool!"