Andre Toulon's Mansion


The Littlest Reich



Filming Location

Alexander Mansion, Dallas, Texas

The Toulon Mansion is located in Postville and was built by Andre Toulon (The Littlest Reich timeline) in 1945 after he had escaped to the United States. After the war had been won and Allied soldiers began to invade Berlin, Toulon sent gold bars and blueprints to the United States so that he could build his house there when he arrived.

Toulon chose to move to Postville as it was a Jewish community and there would be targets for him to kill while there. The mansion was decorated in Nazi memorabilia and occult relics and the mansion includes a basement where Toulon continued to build his puppets and sell them in a mail ordering service. He also had a secret soundproof torture room upstairs, which he would he would kidnap Jewish victims and strap them to tables and command the puppets to kill them. The room also had a drain in the middle to drain the victim's bloods to use in occult rituals.

In 1989 Toulon was under suspicion by the police after his puppets had murdered two waitresses and they had followed him to the mansion. In the basement he was shot dead by police officer Carol Doreski and his body was buried in a tomb which was beside the mansion by his distant relatives. The tomb he was buried in had rods impaled in the roof, which harnessed occult power and gave him the ability to control his puppets in death. In 2018 Carol gave a tour in his mansion as part of the 30th Anniversary of the Toulon Murders convention.


  • Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich