Toulon Residence


Toulon's Revenge, The Legacy (archive footage)


Berlin, Germany

Filming Location

Hollywood, California

The Toulon Residence is where Andre Toulon and Elsa Toulon lived in Berlin, Germany during the second World War. The house had a workshop where Toulon built Pinhead, Jester, Tunneler and Six-Shooter and bought them to life using souls of his deceased friends. The house also had a puppet theater, where he often made shows for children where he poked fun at Adolf Hitler. Peter Hertz and his father first met Toulon here when he invited them backstage to look at his puppets.

When Lt. Eric Stein saw his puppet show, he was not amused that his leader was being mocked, so he spied on Toulon through a window and discovered that the puppets were alive. He informed on Toulon to Major Kraus and Kraus came to the house and arrested him and murdered his wife. Kraus stole the secret of life formula and gave it to Dr. Hess for his Deathcorp Project. Kraus ordered the Nazis to burn his theater to the ground.

After killing his enemies and becoming a most wanted fugitive, Toulon returned only to get his supplies and puppets then he and Peter escaped to Switzerland, abandoning his home.


  • Puppet Master 3: Toulon's Revenge
  • Puppet Master: The Legacy (Archive footage)
  • Eternity Comics