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Unknown (Movies), Joseph Sebastian (Trading cards)




Drill-bit head

Not much is known about Tunneler, despite him being one of Andre Toulon's dolls or dummies and he has appeared in all the Puppet Master films made by Full Moon. Tunneler's main weapon and namesake is a cone-shaped power drill replacing his scalp; he usually kills his victims by charging them head-on with his drill running. Tunneler is more of a follower than a leader, rarely acting first.

Tunneler was supposedly killed in Puppet Master II by Lance. In the scene, he was thrown at the wall, before being smashed with a lamp. He was later dissected after his killing. Despite these occurrences, he returns in later films.

Tunneler is one of the more deadly puppets and falls into the same category as Blade and Pinhead. These three are the muscle so to speak.

Tunneler's personality is that of a cold-blooded killer. He's intelligent and capable of carrying out complex orders.


  • He has the ability to blink as seen in the original film.
  • The action figure made by full moon he has a machine gun and a pickax but he never used them in any of the puppet master movies.
  • It took Rick Myers and Pinhead longer to wake Tunneler up in Puppet Master 4, this could be because of his injuries in Puppet Master II. When he finally woke Pinhead looked happy to see him and pat him on his back.
  • According to a trading card released by Fullmoon features, Tunneler's soul is Joseph Sebastian, a soldier who was forced to work in the Nazis' salt mines until he died. (which is never revealed in the movies).
  • In Puppet Master 9: Axis of Evil and Puppet Master X: Axis Rising his outfit is Green instead of the regular color blue.
  • Tunneler's original medal was circle shaped, but in the 2nd film onwards it was a star.
  • In Puppet Master 6: Curse of the Puppet Master, Tunneler didn't wear his belt but Blade wore it instead.
  • In Puppet Master 8: The Legacy, Tunneler's medal appears to have fallen off.
  • It is not known what Tunneler is based on, many think he could be Korean due to his Asian eyes and his drill head may be a references to the nose cone of a kamikaze suicied bomber.


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