Puppet Master, II, Toulon's Revenge, IV, The Final Chapter, Curse, Axis of Evil, Axis Rising, Axis Termination

VideoZones were short behind the scenes featurettes of Full Moon movies that played at the end of the video tape. The VideoZones usually consist of behind the scenes footage of the movie's production, cast and crew interviews, advertisements for other Full Moon movies, merchandise commercials and outtakes.

When the VHS market died out all of the VideoZones were added to the special features on the DVDs and Blu-Rays. There have been VideoZones made for the first seven Puppet Master movies and most recently for Puppet Master: Axis Rising. There were also daily videos recorded during the production of Puppet Master: Axis of Evil in China and Charles Band has promised that Puppet Master: Axis Termination will also be getting a VideoZone. There is also raw footage from all of the VideoZones available on the Full Moon Streaming Vault.

There was also mentions of Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys and Puppet Wars in many of the non-Puppet Master VideoZones.

VideoZones (click to play)